Beachin’ Day 4



Sometimes I think man has become too sophisticated for his own good. We build skyscrapers, fancy restaurants and spend oodles of cash on living life urban.

All that is great, but maybe we ought to be holding nature and industry in better tension. Certainly, we need to be responsible about the size and impact of the footprint we stomp on this planet, but right now I’m talking about balancing the time we spend in our settings.

Not to get all hippie on you, but I think a bigger dose of nature is crucial.

There’s not much nature to be had in Phoenix, and to get it, you’ve got to drive a bit and once you’re there, the nature is pokey and threatening you.
I like Phoenix. The desert can be lovely, but I have to work harder to find the beauty.

But I guess the real point is not so much nature, as it is looking for God.

When I think about why being outside is so rejuvenating, it’s because I feel in touch with something that is beyond the ability for man to make.

It’s hard to always be aware of God. We forget about Him. We do things ourselves, and build our four walls. The only barrier to God is the one we create. Nature helps me abandon the barrier.

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