Beachin’ Day 2



Though I am thrilled to feel the cool breeze on my face, the water on my skin, and I feel at ease being on the beach and with my bud Natalie, there are still creeping insecurities. Loads of people think I am a confident person…not the case my friends.

Looking like we walked off a poster seems to be the goal and anything less is not good enough. I think this is absolute shit. We are given one body and I, like many other men and women, find myself in this tension of being occasionally satisfied with myself, but often loathing things about myself. And it’s hard to avoid at the beach, when there are half-naked people everywhere, and you’re one of them.

I read an article about a gal named Taryn Brumfitt. After three children and contemplating plastic surgery, she became a body builder because she felt bad about her body. But even when she looked great, she still wasn’t happy. Since then, she has done a lot of work speaking out against idealistic body expectations.

So how do we work toward being happy with the body our soul inhabits? I don’t really know.

But I know it begins with small healthy choices. Not just eating foods that do a body good and exercising, but talking yourself out of the comparison spiral. We have to work toward loving and rewarding ourselves, not punishing ourselves.

When I think about the number of people I know who agonize over the things they hate about themselves, myself included, it grieves me. If “love God and love your neighbor” encompasses our call, how can we do that effectively when we aren’t really loving
ourselves? I don’t think we can.

3 responses to “Beachin’ Day 2

  1. this is the reply that I can’t find. When I lived at GC I thanked God every day that I lived there. When I lived in Seal Beach, I thanked God every day that i lived there. When I was at Donner Lake or Redwoods, or Mammoth or Jackson Hole, I was so grateful to be there. I didn’t care what my body looked like. Now I live in Winslow. My body is the =best thing Winslow has.

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