Beachin’ Day 1



I’m going to change my format a little this week.

My friend Natalie and I are camping this week. I’ve decided to use this trip to write short daily posts. I don’t have a goal other than to share what comes to mind.

Today we arrived at San Elijo State Beach, set up camp, changed into our beachwear and made our way down to the beach.

There is nothing quite like being in the company of someone, and being in a place, where you feel most like yourself.

I think we neglect recognizing what makes us feel most like ourselves and yet it is so necessary. For me, it becomes an act of worship – a praise for what God gave me in a friend, in nature, and who He made me.

We can’t all up and go camping on the bluffs in California, but if you can find something that makes you feel like you, go do it. If you can be with someone who affirms who you are and who God made you, be with that person.

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